The Next Vice President

With less than a calendar year until someone from the GOP goes heads up against Barack Obama, the focus has correctly been on which person is best qualified to tackle the nation's problems and, of at least equal importance, most capable of displacing the dangerous administration currently in charge. Of lesser concern at the moment is the undercard to that event. Still that undercard is not a throwaway. The Vice Presidential position is key for the GOP. Allowing for a diverse ticket that fulfills the campaign message on all of the open fronts, foreign and domestic, that the looming election will be battled upon. While the sitting President is an unquestioned threat to the future vitality of this great nation, his Vice-President is a laughable embarrassment. If there is no democratic push to 'make Joe go' and seek a new running mate for the general election the GOP has an opportunity to exploit that weakness and attack on the flank. In '08 Biden was chosen because he was white, male, a...(Read Full Article)