The Issue Come November 2012

Let's peer into a crystal ball.  What's the top issue a year from now, at the time of next November's national election?  Here's what it won't be: allegations of sexual harassment against Herman Cain.  It won't be Rick Perry's tongue-tiedness.  It won't be Mitt Romney's flip-flops.  It won't be Michelle Obama's push to have salad bars in public schools.   The top issue by November 2012 will be the economy, including the nation's giant ticking debt bomb.  The caveat is if there's Armageddon in the Middle East.  Perhaps the Mayan calendar is no joke.    Fast on the heels of the economy will be President Obama's performance -- or his lack of performance -- in handling the nation's sick economy.  And not incidentally, Mr. Obama -- he of spendthrift government -- will be in the docket for making the debt bomb bigger and more dangerous to the nation's welfare.  Or things may prove decidedly worse by next November. ...(Read Full Article)