The Farm Policy End-Run

In an article entitled "'Secret farm bill' primed for passage in debt deal," The Hill's Erik Wasson reports that "[l]awmakers on the House and Senate Agriculture committees are trying to write a new five-year farm bill through the supercommittee process." Delayed in 2007 for a year and finalized in 2008, the current farm bill expires in 2012.  In an election year, farm-state legislators would like to avoid a public debate on farm subsidies, one of America's most senseless, profligate relics of FDR's New Deal. We well know the economic conditions which led to last summer's only semi-serious debt ceiling deal, which in turn produced the twelve-member Super Committee. America is experiencing a lingering recession that was exploited, with arguably negative effect, by the administration and Congress to justify massive spending bills for "stimulus" and bailouts.  The nation's balance sheet is bleeding.  The debt deal and the Super Committee are institutional...(Read Full Article)