The End of the 'Peace Process' Era

The Palestinian/Israeli conflict has entered a new era.  Since the UNSC passed Res 242, it had been focused on the "peace process," which included the Madrid Conference, the Oslo Accords, the Roadmap, Annapolis, and, finally, Obama's heavy-handed attempts to impose a solution. One of the reasons why Obama couldn't get the PA to negotiate after three years of trying is because the PA was laying the groundwork to go another path, a path that would circumvent the peace process and rely on the intervention of the U.N.  The PA realized that it had gotten all it could through negotiations, which is virtually nothing, and that to continue on that path meant that at the end of the line, it would have to sign an end-of-conflict-agreement with Israel.  This, it was unwilling to do. So instead, the PA has decided to get what it wanted from the international community and the U.N.  It has spent the last three years lobbying the member states of the U.N. to support its bid for...(Read Full Article)