Talking Turkey

There is an illegal occupation that has gone on for decades in the Middle East and it's not being enforced by the IDF. In August 1974, Turkey seized nearly 37% of the then-independent Cyprus.  The pretext for the invasion was the protection of Turkish Cypriots, who made up about 18% of the island's population.  On July 15, EOKA B, a Cypriot paramilitary organization supporting union with Greece, backed by the junta in Athens, overthrew the government of Archbishop Makarios.  But the coup failed.  Makarios survived and his thuggish replacement was ousted after eight days in office, when the regime of the colonels was overthrown in Greece.  It was only after the restoration of a democratic government on Cyprus that Turkish troops left their beachheads and marched south.  Some 5,600 Greek Cypriots were killed, and there were widespread rapes and destruction of property.  Over 160,000 residents fled their homes.  To complete the ethnic cleansing,...(Read Full Article)