Taking Laps In The College Athletics Cesspool

The cesspool of big time college athletics spilled over this past week on the campus of Penn State University.  It would be too easy, and mistaken, to assign this abject abomination to Penn State alone. No other big time program has ever been accused or associated with the systemic moral depravity and cover-up for criminal assaults against children apparently enabled for two decades at Penn State.  Yet universities sponsoring major college athletic programs nearly everywhere else possess the same potential for institutional hubris, greed, and self-preservation that corrupted ethical norms while intimidating even the most intrepid at Penn State into facilitating the most heinous and unimaginable crimes perpetrated by a serial predator on young boys. The name for such destructive institutional inertia is a variation on "too big to fail", in this case, "too big to admit scandal". It is the identical moral hazard that infected the Catholic Church hierarchy and which we now...(Read Full Article)