Style, Substance, Perry, and the Media

Rick Perry gave a superb speech to NH Cornerstone, a New Hampshire conservative group.  The full speech is here and well worth the time to watch (about 25 minutes).  In fact, this partisan New Hampshire reporter considers the speech close to perfect for the audience.  How did the left-leaning media react?  As could perhaps be anticipated, with ridicule and mockery.  For example, in a harsh piece by Brian Browdie of the NY Daily News titled "Rick Perry's unusually expressive 2012 speech in New Hampshire sparks rumors he was drunk," Mr. Browdie said: During his remarks at the Cornerstone Action Dinner in Manchester, the Republican presidential candidate seemed to titter at his own jokes, gesticulate wildly, make odd facial expressions and go off on strange tangents. A video, edited to about eight minutes, is included in a Politico posting by Alexander Burns titled "Rick Perry's Bizarre New Hampshire Speech."  There are several other similar edits.  A...(Read Full Article)