Striking Iran? Not Likely

Iran is a central pillar of evil in the Middle East, Central Asia and through Afghanistan to Pakistan.  It threatens Israel in apocalyptic terms; arms and trains proxies that kill Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan; orchestrates plots to kill diplomats in the United States; murdered its own dissidents in Europe; undermines the elected government of Iraq; supports Bashar Assad's murderous rampage against Syrian citizens and Hezb'allah's rape of Lebanon. Making common cause with Castro, Chavez and Ortega, Iran works overtime to cause the US trouble in its own backyard.  It exercises fearsome repression and barbaric punishment against its own people.  And, oh yes, Iran is building nuclear weapons capability. Last week and this, Israeli and now American and British newspapers are full of Israel-will-strike-Iran stories.  The Israel Air Force held training drills in Italy; Israel tested a missile that can reach Iran; the Israeli Prime Minister made a tough speech to...(Read Full Article)