Sexual Harassment Accusers: Not Automatic Saints

Liberal feminist attorney Gloria Allred held a press conference in which her female client made shocking, graphic sexual harassment allegations against Herman Cain.  Sharon Bialek described a Herman Cain totally alien to the man I know. Think about this, folks.  Suppose someone came out of nowhere to make totally out-of-character sexual harassment allegations against your dad, pastor, husband or friend.  You would give your dad, pastor, husband, or friend the benefit of the doubt.  This is called loyalty and friendship. You would not go along with the politically correct way of thinking by demanding that your dad, pastor, husband, or friend prove that he's not guilty.  You would insist that the burden of proof be placed squarely on their accuser, where it rightfully belongs.  I mean, we are talking about possibly destroying a priceless possession -- one's reputation. When Republicans or conservatives are accused of sexual harassment, the left says...(Read Full Article)