Ron Paul Ignores Iran's Treachery

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul is demonstrating an appalling ignorance on the Iranian nuclear issue and the threat it poses to world security. In fact, several times during the recent GOP debates he blamed the animosity against the U.S. in the Middle East on America's foreign policy. Paul recently argued on "Fox News Sunday" that sanctions should be removed altogether to get Iran to act differently and that the U.S. response to Iran's nuclear pursuit was an "overreaction." He added that Iran does not pose a threat to either the U.S. or the region. The congressman from Texas insists that a better art of persuasion would be to offer friendship, the way the U.S. approached the Soviets and Chinese in the 1970s and 1980s. So Paul not only has shown that he has no understanding of the murderous radicals who rule Iran but has a dangerous lapse of memory.  President Obama at first tried to do exactly what Paul argues now should be done -- and failed miserably. When Obama...(Read Full Article)