Republican Senate Prospects in 2012

How do prospects look for Republicans in 2012 and beyond?  So far, the tea leaves are encouraging. It is probable that Republicans will continue to control the House of Representatives, as this Real Clear Politics analysis shows.  That means the key to Republicans really changing Washington, if the White House is recaptured, lies in control of the Senate.  Because of the need for cloture to enact real reforms, the larger the Republican Senate majority, the easier reforms will be; and because cloture is a procedural issue, it is much more likely to get RINOs to support the leadership on cloture than on substantive votes.  What that means is that if Republicans have 57 Senate seats but only 52 conservative Republicans, the five RINOs can vote for cloture on conservative bills and then proudly vote against the bill on the floor. Now 2014 is going to be a tough year for Democrats in conservative states.  Eight senators from normally conservative states -- Mary...(Read Full Article)