Rep. Maloney Lies about Fast and Furious

Shilling for Dems desperate to pass off the hot potato known as Fast and Furious to the nearest Republican, Congresswoman Maloney (D-NY) wrote an op-ed piece for the New York Daily News last week entitled "Fast and Furious 'scandal' is a Republican red herring: What we really need are tougher gun laws." Maloney followed the DOJ playbook on Fast and Furious.  Terms like "gotcha games," "ill-conceived operation," "political fodder," "political sideshow," "witch hunts," and "lax gun laws" are everywhere.  But that's not the worst of it.  The facts don't fit her agenda, so what does she do?  The congresswoman piles lies on top of the propaganda. If not for the unspeakable grief of the Terry and Zapata families, as well as thousands of Mexican citizens, Maloney's rant wouldn't merit a response.  But people died, and their loved ones deserve better. Lie: The "Fast and Furious Scandal is a Republican Red Herring." Truth: The guns retrieved at the scene of Border...(Read Full Article)