Race: The Ultimate Weapon of the Left

"If only Herman Cain were elected president -- it would put paid to the issue of racism and excise it from our polity for good." I couldn't believe my ears hearing this wistful nonsense from a good friend of mine.  How could an otherwise intelligent and clear-eyed person be so naïve?  How could he be so willfully blind to the obvious: that no matter what happens, until the progressive movement gives up its ghost (and I am not holding my breath that it will happen any time soon), race will be an ever-present hobgoblin of the American body politic?  Here is why, as the aforementioned Herman Cain likes to say. No sooner had Richard Nixon abolished the draft than the antiwar movement suddenly lost its steam and collapsed, exposing the true motivation of its participants.  It became immediately apparent that the "revolutionaries" actually cared very little about the Vietnamese.  The radical verbiage and Ho Chi Minh's portraits brandished by the antiwar protesters...(Read Full Article)