Palestinian Identity Theft

Identity theft, in most jurisdictions, is a punishable offense.  But in the United Nations, Palestinians are free -- indeed, encouraged -- to rob Israel of its history, heritage, and homeland.  At times the United Nations seems to exist for no reason other than to stoke Palestinian fantasies.  UNRWA, its benevolent Relief and Works Agency created solely for Palestinian refugees," was established after the 1948 war when Israel secured its independence and Palestinians proclaimed their eternal dependence. During the fighting instigated by five Arab nations, 700,000 Palestinians abandoned their homes, some in fear of the Israeli army and others in obedience to the instructions of their own leaders.  (A similar number of Jews, expelled from Arab countries, found safe refuge in Israel.)  By now, the number of Palestinian "refugee" claimants is nearly 5 million, all of whom receive UNRWA funding and none of whom seem inclined to leave their refugee camps in...(Read Full Article)