No Road Leads to Peace between Israel and the Palestinians

There are many reasons why a Palestinian state of any sort cannot work.  Chief among them is that Palestinians lack the prerequisites for a nation: common purpose; the desire to live in peace so the nation's citizens could carry on normal lives and build for a better future; concern about the well-being of their children and posterity; and a commitment to law and order and to building an economic infrastructure capable of supporting a thriving economy.  These are the basics that any nation must have, and all of them are missing. Common purpose Only one thing unites the people we call "Palestinians" today -- the desire to annihilate Israel.  If you read the Palestinian and Hamas charters, you can't help but notice that the central tenet in both of them is the animus the Palestinian people have for Israel.  The elimination of Israel is the overarching theme in both charters, and the creation of a Pan-Arab nation comes in second.  Neither of these...(Read Full Article)