Newt's Physics

What goes up must come down.  But Newt Gingrich may just add his own twist to the law of physics.  Gingrich may prove that if a politician toughs out the inevitable career downs, he might rebound -- and spectacularly.  Could Gingrich surprise everyone by securing the GOP presidential nomination and winning the presidency?     Two new polls should encourage Gingrich.  On Friday, a McClatchy-Marist Poll showed Gingrich edging out Herman Cain.  A CBS News Poll shows Gingrich tied with Romney.  If these polls are correct, they indicate that sexual harassment allegations against Cain have begun to stick.  Further polling in coming days should reveal whether or not Gingrich's movement up is a trend. Dust off your Ouija board.  Ask Deng Xiaoping or Richard Nixon about career revivals.  On second thought, better to ask the more exemplary Winston Churchill.  One of the best stories in life, sports, and politics is the...(Read Full Article)