Newt Is No Gecko

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is an interesting candidate because he has been around so long and is only now topping a recent Gallup poll for the Republican nomination.  And yet as a candidate, he comes pre-packaged with his own dirt.  No need for investigative reporting here.  Usually a candidate has to top a poll or two before some dirt comes out about him. And some of the dirt is pretty ugly.  When his first wife was recovering from surgery, he showed up to discuss terms of their divorce (an episode attempted to be revised by Newt's daughter Jackie).  And during the late '90s Clinton-Lewinski scandals, Speaker Gingrich admitted to his own extramarital affair while married to his second wife.  This affair and others may be included in the "moments of regret" he has confessed to in his personal life.  Then, when he left the House in 1999, he faced a $300,000 fine from the House Ethics Committee for various ethics charges.  There are other...(Read Full Article)