Israel and the Two-State Delusion

The "general consensus" that permanent peace in the Middle East requires the creation of an independent Palestinian state is a dangerous delusion that can lead nowhere but to terrorism, violence, and war.  This article will shatter that delusion with what engineers -- i.e., people who deal in impartial facts as opposed to dreams and ideologies -- call a root cause assessment. The root cause of a problem is the deficiency whose removal or correction will solve the problem at its source.  The Automotive Industry Action Group's CQI-10, "Effective Problem Solving Guideline," includes a technique called "Is/Is Not."  This is "a process that distinguishes those aspects associated with a problem from those that might be, but are not" and adds the instruction to "Focus on FACTs, not Opinions."  If a manufacturing process made the same kind and quantity of defects before installation of a new machine as it did afterward, the machine is clearly not the root cause of the...(Read Full Article)