Is Herman Cain Experienced Enough to be President?

People use many words today without fully knowing what they mean -- or should mean.  "Tolerance," "gender" and "truth" come to mind.  But then there is one that rears its head every campaign season: "experience." We've heard this word a lot lately during discussion of latest GOP frontrunner Herman Cain.  Many have warned that while he may be appealing and engaging, he lacks the experience to take the helm of the world's only superpower.  Some of these critics say that Cain's supporters are making the same mistake Barack Obama's did in 2008: they're choosing a greenhorn based only on a cult of personality.  But the mistake is on the critics' part.  Because whatever Cain may or may not be, inexperience is not his problem.  In fact, I'm going to shock you. It never was Obama's. If all we care about is "experience," note that Benito Mussolini had a tremendous amount of it in 1939.  Moammar Gadhafi had even more after his 42-year rule, but we...(Read Full Article)