In Texas, a Tragic Miscarriage of Justice Fails to Excite the Liberal Media

A tragic and Kafkaesque miscarriage of justice in central Texas grows more intriguing by the day, with one stunning development after another generating new headlines.  Yet, strangely, the wrongful conviction of Michael Morton in 1987 for murdering his wife has failed to excite liberal media outlets and advocacy groups that typically go wild over such cases.  Why? On Wednesday, the newest twist in the case made headlines: District Judge Ken Anderson --  the lead prosecutor who convicted Morton 25 years ago -- publicly apologized to Morton and those adversely affected by the wrongful conviction.  The legal system had suffered a "system's failure," Anderson admitted.  But he denied charges that prosecutors hid evidence that would have bolstered Morton's defense. The former district attorney of Williamson County spoke outside the same historic courthouse where Morton, after being convicted 25 years ago, collapsed at the defense table, sobbing and...(Read Full Article)