I Forgive Herman Cain, the Only Conservative Left

Judge not, lest ye be judged. Not a bad rule of thumb. Being alive means making mistakes.  Growing up means understanding that fact, and taking responsibility.  Bad actors never take responsibility.  Barack Obama honestly believes he's never made a mistake since getting elected; it's one of the few things I think he really means.  Honestly.   That's why I kind of like Herman Cain's response to the media thugs.  Cain isn't playing their game.  I hope he checkmates them, move after move.  Never play by their rules.  Always set your own rules, or they will kill you.  You can see their shotgun victims all over the political landscape. That's why I magnanimously forgive Herman Cain for whatever his sins might be.  I'm not interested, frankly.  After Bill Clinton's and John Edwards' abuse of women, I'll forgive any decent man or woman.  Got a DUI but went straight?  Good on ya, mate.  I'll vote for that. But I...(Read Full Article)