Higher Education's Transparency Problem

Nobody knows at present exactly what happened at Penn State -- but it would come as no surprise if a major university, when informed that it had the makings of a scandal affecting its campus, decided to cover the matter up rather than report everything directly and openly, and thereby subject itself to negative publicity. Openness and transparency are not the ways great corporations -- which is what a modern university is -- do business. In the Duke lacrosse case, the very first advice a dean gave to the lacrosse players -- threatened with possible indictment on first-degree rape charges -- was not to tell their parents.  The next advice was not to get attorneys.  (And the dean giving this advice was herself a member of the Bar.) The primary goal was to keep the story out of the news.  That would be best for Duke.  (It was clearly not in the best interest of the  players.)  When the university learned the players had in fact gotten attorneys, its...(Read Full Article)