Charges against Cain Cannot Be Ignored

Herman Cain supporters have accepted his narrative that he is an American success story.  The question is, just how much of that "success" did he earn on his own?  And is it really the Horatio Alger story we are led to believe? During the late '70s and the '80s, Herman Cain was an employee of big consumer product corporations, starting with Coca Cola.  He was not an entrepreneur.  He didn't take any risks with his own capital.  Cain went from an entry-level analyst position to top management in one decade.  He was made what would normally be called a regional manager by Burger King.  He was then made manager of a small subsidiary by Pillsbury.  It is distasteful to ask, but would Cain's rocket to the top have happened without the special treatment and considerations given him as a result of affirmative action?  Many conservatives are convinced that Barack Obama's rise was fueled by racial preferences, so they cannot blink in the face of the...(Read Full Article)