Careful, OWS Envy-Mongers! The One Percent Have Got Your Number

With the OWS Envy-Monger crowds growing more rowdy and violent by the day, the nation is stunned by the depravity, laziness and childish lack of self-control ubiquitously on display.  But the One percenters in the big, high office buildings are on to this crowd in a way that ought to make the uncouth rabble-rousers down in the park very uneasy about what they're wishing and hoping their Democrat enablers can make come true. Yesterday, a close friend -- an independent businessman himself for decades -- sent me via email the photo of a flyer, which was purportedly dropped from an office building in Chicago by the Board of Trade down upon the crowd of protesters.  There is no author attribution, so for now, this re-publication remains anonymous.  However, I would gladly print the name of this author -- if he or she should come forward -- so that the rest of us adults in the country could give that great American a round of vigorous applause. For your ease, dear...(Read Full Article)