Are markets intrinsically moral?

The other day, a leftist Mormon acquaintance of mine and I had a brief conversation about Mitt Romney's candidacy for president.  I, being staunchly anti-RINO, and refusing to believe for one second that a candidate's deeply held religious beliefs are irrelevant (as true religion constitutes the very bedrock of unalienable rights), declared my support for several of the more acceptable candidates before Romney, concluding that Romney lost the Las Vegas debate.  But my friend disagreed.  Citing statistical favorability amongst gamblers, he argued that market forces chose Romney.  I, therefore, according to my own conservative appreciation of market forces, must be wrong, and Romney must be the most viable and acceptable option. My friend's answer, of course, disclosed a serious misunderstanding about the beliefs of conservatives, but in recent years, this argument -- that conservatives consider markets themselves forces of morality -- has found its way out of...(Read Full Article)