Apollo and Dionysius Meet Again

In a lame attempt to counter the refreshing grass roots spontaneity of the Tea Party, the leftist AstroTurf machine of head puppeteer George Soros has spewed forth a toxic brew of anarchists, communists, fascists, criminals, and aging hippies.  In the former shadow of the World Trade Center, they gather to compete in anti-Semitic poster art and self-serving demands for handouts. These ignorant slobs don't even realize that their odd mixture of leftist philosophy and Sharia-inspired racism is old hat. Nobody did it better than Goering last century or than the Islamists do today. Does history really repeat itself?  Do prophets really exist?  Or, are some people just gifted with an ability to see through the forest to identify the important trees? No modern philosopher has been more ridiculed and despised by mainstream intellectuals than Ayn Rand. Indeed, they barely concede that she was a philosopher. They have no problem with Kant, Marx, and Nietzsche. That evil...(Read Full Article)