A New Model of Islam with Less Bark and More Bite

Andrew Bostom's September 25th blog likens my "True Story of Moderate Islam" to a Rudyard Kipling "Just So Story."  From his position up there on the watchtower, he apparently can't see that he's guilty of promulgating his own "just so" tale. Bostom insists that there may be moderate Muslims, but Islam is by definition extreme.  His story is long in describing the problem, but short in offering a solution because A) Islam isn't simply going to go away or change on its own, B) even the most moderate Muslim isn't going to completely reject his Islamic heritage, and C) Islam isn't some bad neighborhood of the globe we can avoid; it's 1.6 billion people bound by a common heritage dispersed across many sovereign nations.  What's more, the problem more precisely defined is Islamism and its goal of establishing a global Islamic state.  Bostom's simple model surrenders Islam to the Islamists, which is ultimately self-defeating because it offers no counter-strategy except...(Read Full Article)