75 Separate Defenses for Sexual Predators

The commenters at my previous article provided 75 separate defenses for sexual predators. A teenage girl or adult woman who describes an incident of sexual molestation may face the following accusations and judgments: 1. She has questionable motives because she omitted to call the police. 2. She is damaged. 3. She owes the public a roster of names and places. 4. She has deprived the offender of due process. 5. She has used a smear machine against an offender. 6. She is immature. 7. Sexuality is confusing. 8. There are no clear cut rules. 9. Everyone makes up their own standard of what they consider right and wrong behavior. 10. She has mistakenly assumed that the offender automatically understood her personal standards. 11. The offender was unaware that his behavior offended. 12. The offender was unaware of his own offending behavior. 13. A minor should tell a middle aged offender in a power position to stop his offending behavior. 14. The offender was momentarily overwhelmed by...(Read Full Article)