Why Can't Obama Be Like Tito?

In a remarkable interview on sports talk radio in Boston this week, Terry Francona (Tito),  the departing manager of the Boston Red Sox major league baseball team, admitted that he failed and discussed why he walked away.  President Obama could learn a moral lesson or two from a man who took responsibility for a horrible situation not entirely of his own making.  Francona refused to blame anyone else, even when the blame could have been shifted or at least shared.  The Boston Red Sox started the season in April riding on the hopes of a fearsome hitting line-up assembled through existing talent and off-season free agent acquisitions.  Arguably, the Red Sox pitching staff were the best in baseball. The month of April , when the Red Sox lost the first six games and eight out of the first ten, cast doubt on those pre-season expectations of Boston cruising to a World Series berth.  But by the end of July the Red Sox had recovered, enjoying the best record...(Read Full Article)