Who Will Save New York? Herman Cain?

I've just had my fourth grown son move his employment or business from New York State to Virginia.  A fifth had already moved to Colorado.  A daughter and three grandchildren are still here both working and living.  For how long I don't know because my son-in-law's situation is fluid and the school taxes they pay on a home he rebuilt from the ground up with his own hands is more money each year than the purchase price of my first house forty odd years ago, not two minutes walk away.  More money than a lot of people make today.  More money than many senior citizens have to live on.  "I'm single and tired of paying more than half my income in taxes" my last son to move south grinned, "so I decided to let you and Mom shoulder the New York state public school teacher's retirement fund all by yourselves." I didn't see the joke.  But I did get the point.  I was and am long since sick of not only New York's school levies but every other tax, fee, fine,...(Read Full Article)