What Explains the Left's Affinity for OWS and Abhorrence of the Tea Party?

The 99ers, which more accurately are 22ers, have no coalescing message other than a desire for a central command-and-control government, whether nationally or globally.  In other words, they share the kindred spirit of redistributive fairness with our puerile president.  Initially we saw the Muslim Brotherhood uprising, and now, with the Wall Street Spring, Barack Obama is causing democracy to break out everywhere! First, Barack Obama said the Wall Street Occupiers express "the frustration of the American people."  Then, while honoring MLK at the dedication of the new memorial in Washington, Obama channeled the late civil rights leader in support of the protesters: "Dr. King would want us to challenge the excesses of Wall Street without demonizing those who work there." That's interesting, because I cannot remember Obama proclaiming that the Tea Party protesters express the frustration of the American people.  I do remember Obama leaving town to campaign for...(Read Full Article)