The Ramifications of Higher-Paying Government Jobs

This lackluster economy of the past few years hasn't been bad for everyone.  Sure, millions of Americans have lost their jobs in manufacturing facilities, technology companies, and throughout a plethora of large corporations and small businesses.  Yes, states such as Nevada and Florida have experienced atrocious declines in their housing markets, and many states have seen the incomes of their residents actually fall over the past few years. But not in Washington, D.C., as these are merry days under President Barack Obama.  After all, according to Census data collected by CNN Money, it is none other than Washington, D.C. that has seen its median household income rise by 12.1% from 2007 through 2010.  Of course, it should come as no surprise that during a time of unprecedented and reckless government spending, the best chance that a family has for its income to rise is to live in the nation's capital. The total number on the federal government payroll has...(Read Full Article)