The Occupiers' World Awaits

My most heartfelt wish for the mindless minions currently "Occupy[ing] Wall Street" is that someday, hopefully soon, they get to live in a world based upon their dim-witted delusions.  Actually, though, if these collectivist cretins are indeed serious, that world is already here. It's called the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (aka communist North Korea).  In North Korea, there are no evil corporations or banks to ruin Occupiers' lives, because another pair of collectivist cretins, Kim Il-sung and his creepy son Kim Jung-il, got rid of them long ago.  In fact, along with ridding North Korea of everything other than the glorious state, the Kim Klan has either already met most of the Occupier's nattering demands or simply made them superfluous. For demands one (that is not a typo -- there are a lot of demands in demand one), "the restoration of the living wage," North Korea has followed the Occupiers' proposed playbook and ended "Freetrade [sic]" by creating a...(Read Full Article)