The Minority Myth

I've checked several times.  I even word-searched both documents.  But try as I might, I could not find the word "minority" anywhere in either the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution. I guess it might be because the Founders decided instead to use words like "We the People" and "All men are created equal" when establishing this new and unique nation.  Perhaps they were trying to get across the idea that we were not individual groups woven together, but individuals, period, and that collectively we would be known as Americans -- that's it. Back in the old days (you know, 1776 and 1787, when the respective founding documents were being ratified), there was certainly more of a reason for a person to call himself English or French or Spanish or Dutch.  Many were not even one generation removed from their homelands.  But the prevailing idea was that now, in this new nation, they would be one people, the Americans, and heritage would take a back...(Read Full Article)