The Jihad Lawyer

The New York Times reported last week that the Islamic supremacist lawyer Lamis J. Deek, who is representing Ahmed Ferhani in his trial for a jihad plot to blow up a synagogue, also represented for a short time the undercover cop who helped put together the case against Ferhani. Deek denies there was any conflict of interest: "There was no conflict of interest and there existed between UC 242 [the name by which prosecutors are referring to the undercover detective] and I [sic] no attorney-client privilege."  But the larger point is Deek's pattern: she has a history of representing the most unsavory Islamic supremacists and jihadists. She became interested in the undercover cop when he received a disorderly conduct summons for refusing a police officer's orders to leave a sidewalk on September 11, 2010, during a protest over the Islamic supremacist Ground Zero Mosque.  The undercover operative was with a mob of supporters of the mosque -- and that's why he caught Deek's...(Read Full Article)