The Hobbits March in One Year

There's a quiet in the Shire these days.  And in Bree in the northwest of Middle-earth, the Hobbits stay close to their Smials, their "hobbit holes."  Meanwhile, the legacy media declares their end as a powerful political force.  They only wish it so. The legacy media has declared the Tea Party irrelevant.  It no longer matters.  Sure, they mattered back during the 2010 election.  Even the most dedicated shills have to admit that.  But that was back when the Hobbits rallied behind their favored congressional candidates, those who espoused their beliefs.  And the Hobbits sent many new faces to Congress. But in the eyes of the Big People there, those lifelong denizens of the Halls of Congress, those professional politicians of both parties, the Tea Party was made up of rubes, oafs, and peasants.  Little People.  And the Big People saw that reflected in their candidates. Last summer, when the Big People in Congress were debating whether...(Read Full Article)