Steve Jobs and the Adullamites Who Occupy Wall Street

The president and his attorney general, along with a number of other high-ranking administration officials, found themselves in deep trouble this week as their scandalous conduct in Solyndra and Fast and Furious received increased congressional scrutiny and some media attention.  To distract voters from the real cause of their unhappiness, the friends and supporters of the almost-hero of Altgeld Gardens (Obama, the community organizer who almost got the asbestos out of that Chicago slum property but never succeeded) have organized largely astroturf occupations of Wall Street, D.C., and elsewhere which demonize the very forces which could and do improve our lives. My friend who posts under the pen name "Danube of Thought" calls the people occupying Wall Street and elsewhere Adullamites, after the Biblical description (Samuel 22:1-2) of those who gathered around David when he escaped Saul and went to the cave of Adullam: "everyone who was in distress, everyone who was in debt,...(Read Full Article)