State Sponsored Terrorism in Iran and Pakistan

America has taken the fight to the terrorists, successfully forcing Al Qaeda to be on the run by killing or capturing many of their leaders.  However, the threat of state-sponsored terrorism, specifically in Iran and Pakistan, has come to the forefront.  American Thinker interviewed national security specialists for their opinions. Last week, elements of the Iranian government were accused by the US of plotting to commit terrorist acts on US soil by assassinating the Saudi ambassador to Washington, and bombing the Israeli and Saudi embassies within America and abroad.  The captured naturalized American citizen, Arbabsiar, acknowledged being recruited and funded by senior officials in the Quds Force, an elite division of Iran's Revolutionary Guard.  Yet, this is not the first time Iran has used terrorist tactics against Americans.   All interviewed agree with former CIA Director, Michael Hayden, who had actionable intelligence that "It is the policy of the...(Read Full Article)