Shedding Some Light on Solar Power

The government tells us that we need to subsidize renewable energy providers with taxpayer money.  Global warming advocates tell us to turn to eco-friendly renewable energy sources like solar power.  They insist that viable alternatives to fossil fuels (like solar) are being ignored because the energy industry is resisting conversion to clean power to protect profits -- at the expense of the planet.  But before we padlock our coal- and natural gas-fueled power plants, let's take a look at the facts and figures regarding solar power. First, let's take a look at the sources of our electricity.  Solar power currently provides less than 0.07% of the United State's electricity.  So if we increased our solar power capacity by a hundred times,  it would still provide us with only 7% of our energy needs.  Study the data in the graph and chart below form the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Solar power is included in "other renewables" -- it is so...(Read Full Article)