Self-Reliance for Dunces

America is divided between those who think her citizens are helpless and  stupid, and those who don't.  People who need the direction and control of such bright lights as Nancy Pelosi and the folks who okayed the Solyndra and Fast and Furious fiascos,  the apparatchniki  of TSA , those who destroyed the housing market by jiggering the rules at  Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac stand on one side of the gap.  On the other side are those of us who believe we are smarter than the political and media elites and, in any event, think the daily decisions of millions of free people acting in what they believe is their own self interest yields more satisfying outcomes than we get from top down fiats by  blinkered cubicle rats, credentialed morons  and politicians responding to the wants of  connected crony capitalists. The contrast was in bold relief this week. (a) Democrats Embrace Freedom From Want of Free Diapers Movement In Connecticut, worried that...(Read Full Article)