Romney and Rubio in 2012

In the September 22 Republican presidential debate, Michele Bachmannn declared it inevitable that Obama would lose to any Republican, and therefore it was time to get a true conservative instead of a moderate.  Bachmann is wrong. Don't get me wrong: I share Bachmann's frustration with the political process in the U.S. that has led us down the long, slow, painful path of socialism.  I also agree that we could use a good, strong constitutional conservative in the White House.  As appealing as her call is to take the big, bold step, the 2012 election is about one thing and one thing, only -- making sure there is a Republican in the White House come January 2013.  Even if we believe we can beat Obama with almost anyone, it's not worth taking the gamble of putting up someone with anything less than the best possible chance.  At this point in time, the best chance is Mitt Romney. The problem with Bachmann's statement is this: it ain't over 'til the fat lady...(Read Full Article)