Restoring the Right to Work in New Hampshire

After several years of complacency and conceit among New Hampshire Republicans, the combination of which saw the Democrats take a U.S. Senate seat, both House seats, the governor's office, and both branches of the NH legislature, the Republicans had a resurgence in 2010.  In the midterm elections, Republicans, invigorated by the Taxed Enough Already (TEA) party, swept both houses of the legislature and both U.S. House seats.  Incidentally, all this wasn't enough to defeat the extremely popular Democratic Governor John Lynch. The Republicans, with a whopping 297-103 advantage in the NH House and a 19-5 advantage in the NH Senate, set about a return to small government.  In a July 2011 speech to a Republican gathering, Speaker of the House Bill O'Brien said that the Republican-dominated legislature cut the budget 11%, from $11.5B to $10.4B while significantly reducing business taxes.  State unemployment fell from 5.7% to 4.8%.  The unemployment rate is not all...(Read Full Article)