Repeal Obamacare - but Keep Socialized Education?

During the recent Fox News and Google presidential debate, Ron Paul opined to the crowd, "You ought to have a right to opt out of the public system if you want."  Although he could have been drawing comparisons between Obamacare and European socialized medicine, the congressman was actually referencing America's socialized educational system.  It was a brilliant point.  Just as the "public option" is merely a different term for socialized medicine, public education is simply a euphemized phrase for socialized education. In the early 1800s, Horace Mann led a movement to replace America's community and parent-controlled school model with Prussian-style public schools.  He believed that free education was a right and demeaned religious institutions that already made education available. Mann's vision was originally met with strong resistance, as parents were reluctant to cede control of their children's education to government bureaucrats.  Ultimately, a...(Read Full Article)