Reflecting on Obama's Israel Policy for Yom Kippur

The Jewish New Year has just passed, and the Day of Atonement, where Jews all over the world reflect, is approaching. Personally, I am remembering my late dad, who was a staunch supporter of Israel.  Shortly before the Nazi invasion of Poland, his father sent him, his mother, and his two sisters to Palestine.  He became a Zionist during the early forties and joined the Israeli underground forces.  After moving to New York to attend Columbia University, he became a gunrunner for Israel during the War of Independence, smuggling guns onto ships heading for Israel.  As I think about my father, I know that he would view with distaste President Obama's actions and rhetoric, both of which empowered the Palestinians to call for a state while in the U.N. Over the years, the Obama administration has bent over backwards appeasing the Palestinians.  For example, in June 2009, the president made his speech in Egypt, where he never outright called for the Palestinians...(Read Full Article)