Rahm Emanuel and the 'Tough SOB' Pathology

Think of the worst boss for whom you have ever worked.  Was he (or she) irrational, erratic, destructive to organizational goals, and perhaps corrupt?  Was this boss two-faced, showing his best behavior to superiors and treating subordinates with contempt, demonstrating dishonesty and  temper tantrums toward lower-ranking personnel and threatening violence?  Did this boss ever describe himself specifically as a "tough SOB," or at least as something similar?  Does this pattern of behavior fall within the description of a "personality disorder"? Meet Rahm Emanuel.  Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel was on his best behavior on Meet the Press with David Gregory on 9 October 2011.  During the interview, Emanuel showed due concern for the economy and the financial crisis, and specifically for Chicago and its citizens.  Not shown on Meet the Press were Emanuel's multiple contributions to the financial crisis, his incompetent and corrupt operational policies,...(Read Full Article)