President Obey-Me Is Not Being Obeyed

Rejection is no fun, especially if you're a heavenly rock star with a savior complex.  When people with narcissistic personalities come into psychotherapy, they often complain that nobody loves them -- and they can't understand it, because aren't they just the most lovable fluffy dolls in the world? This is not Harry Truman.  It's not Herman Cain.  It's a guy who loves being worshiped, and he can't accept it when the crowds stop cheering. Narcissists are not nice.  They treat others as puppets on strings.  The rest of us get  drawn in by their superficial charm, and then, after a while, we figure out that we've been had.  As soon as we walk away, the result is a towering rage by the narcissist.  We all know people like that. This is all routine psychiatric manual stuff. If you can handle a little more, President Obama is an interesting mix of narcissism and "Oppositional Defiant Disorder."  No other president in history has actually...(Read Full Article)