Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Judaism

Historically, anti-capitalist fervor has been inevitably and inextricably interwoven with anti-Semitism.  Some Occupy Wall Street protesters stand in line with odious predecessors. Anti-capitalist political revolutions of modern times have provided platforms for anti-Semitic outbreaks, the Revolution of 1848 being but one, albeit seminal, example.  As author Michael Miller points out in his essay entitled "Samson Raphael Hirsch and the revolution of 1848," the hopes of Rabbi Hirsch, who attempted to seize the moment of crisis to advance the cause of Jewish civil and political emancipation, were "dashed by a wave of anti-Jewish violence that swept Hungary, Bohemia, and Moravia in the month of April, bringing the Jewish Question [into the forefront.] ... As revolution spread from France eastward, it perpetually brought anti-Jewish violence in its wake, and the Habsburg Empire was no exception." The anti-capitalist Occupy Wall Street protesters of 2011 are proving to be no...(Read Full Article)