Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Christianity?

It's very frustrating to see so many radical ministers, priests, and "spiritual leaders" climbing aboard the ideology of redistribution.  There are many who have recently alluded -- if not outright stated -- that the OWS movement is Christian at its core.  Some suggest that Jesus himself would be among them.  I might agree with that last part, but for different reasons from what they suggest (Jesus sought out the crippled, blind, prostitutes, tax collectors, poor in spirit, demon-possessed, etc., to redeem them...so perhaps he would have been among the OWS crowd, in an effort to save them).  Jesus would not have been among them to support their purpose or their approach, and the evidence for this is obvious.  The devil (so to speak) is in the details. Many believers are being sucked into the social justice ideology because of the one simple fact that cannot be ignored -- the Bible instructs us to feed the hungry and care for the poor and downtrodden....(Read Full Article)