Occupy Wall Street: Not All as Crazy as You Think

This past Thursday, an associate and I visited Zuccotti Park for the purpose of interacting with the protesters from OWS.  We spent over fourteen hours there, arriving at 9 at night and staying until 11 Friday morning.  This was a surprisingly worthwhile exercise, as we were able to speak with many different people.  Some even sought us out to tell us their message.  Having taken the time to listen to the protesters, I've arrived at what I believe is a unique take on OWS. Many of these protesters are incoherent, and many of them are radical socialists, but a very large number are reasonable and well-spoken.  These protesters are upset with the very same things as those of us in the Tea Party are, and they do not see the Tea Party as the enemy; in fact, many of the protesters claimed to support Tea Party efforts, saying that all they want is for the government to leave them alone and to abide by the Constitution as it was written.  That should sound...(Read Full Article)