Obama: The Exquisite Blessing of Impossible Expectations

It's the bane of demagogues.  Or near-demagogues.  Or those who raise up imperfect men to be demagogues.  It's called "expectations," impossible expectations.  And impossible expectations are what are dooming Barack Obama.  That and terrible policies.  Call it a double-whammy. Providence is the enemy of pretenders, and hubris is the end for all demagogues.  Barack Obama -- the mainstream media-invented Sun King -- comes closer to eclipse with each passing day.  A stagnant economy, on the verge of getting worse under Mr. Obama's tutelage, will be the boot on the president's rear on Election Day. Unless Mr. Obama quits the race for reelection first.  Don't discount the possibility of Mr. Obama pulling up stakes.  A demagogue like Mr. Obama lacks depth -- a depth of character that drive men like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Ronald Reagan through tough times and failures.  A demagogue is typically convinced that the force...(Read Full Article)